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Questions & Answers

What items can you work with?

We specialize in woodwork, including movable furniture such as chairs, tables, desks, and cabinetry. We can also work with installed pieces, such as banisters, doors, or window frames, provided you can safely remove them and transport them to our shop. We can pick up or deliver, but we do not take out or reinstall. We do not work with particleboard, or anything with aluminum or powder coating.

Do you work with contractors?

Yes. We understand contractors’ requirements for consistent execution, timeliness and quality. While we do not handle removal or installation, we are flexible in delivering a finished product that meets your needs.

Can you appraise a furniture piece?

No we do not. Furniture appraisal involves another industry of folk more knowledgeable in antique styles, quality and current prices. However, we often have clients who bring us recently purchased or discovered pieces of furniture and wonder if they're worth refinishing. We can help our clients determine if their piece is worth refinishing or repairing.

Please also note that we don't do caning or upholstery, but we have well-respected crafts people we can refer you to. We are happy to work in conjunction with them on your project.

How much will it cost?

Cost for each piece is determined by the requirements of that piece. We need to see the piece before giving a firm quote. Be assured, we can help a client find suitable options in their price range.

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