It's a dirty business making things look pretty

We use a thorough process on each piece that comes into the shop.

Every piece is different and requires its own, individual solution. We begin by examining the piece to understand its special characteristics. Is it stable, or will it need repair work? Will it need to be completely stripped and refinished, or does it only require a touch-up and polish? We also look for accents and ornamentation to let our client know if it will require extra care.

We talk with our clients about what they want done.

Do they want a new finish, or would they rather preserve what's there? Once we understand their vision, we are ready to move ahead.


We handle the repairs before we strip the finish.

These repairs could include addressing missing drawer stops, joinery repairs, or chipped veneer. We are even able to fabricate new pieces to replace missing or damaged parts. This guarantees a solid structure so that once the finish is applied you won’t have to take steps backward in the process.

We use a solvent-based stripper on all our pieces.

Our stripping method is thorough and gentle. Depending on the finish, we pump the appropriate solvent through a brush and agitate it directly on the piece. Then we allow it to sit while the chemicals do their work, and scrub the finish off with a stiff plastic brush. Once the finish is removed, we power wash away the chemicals till the piece is clean.

Prep for Finish

Prepping makes the finish shine.

After stripping, we sand the piece with an orbital sander to prepare it for finishing. We also fill in dents or cracks and touch up with special lacquer-based products to match the wood grain as necessary.

Our finishing process is tuned to the materials of the piece.

We work with the client to find exactly the finish they're looking for. When a piece has been constructed of varying wood sources, we can match the stain to create a unified look. We can also mix custom colors. Then we apply lacquer or other spray products to achieve a smooth finish.

We find joy in the details of our work,

and in bringing an end product to our clients

which connects them to the past.

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